5'8" 190# Born on January 16th 1960 in Chicago. Single, never married, no offspring.

Grew up in Monterey Park California and Chicago Illinois. Currently live near Wauconda IL.

Original name: Joseph Edward Gaczol. Changed legally to JO 753 in 2003.

Attended Lane Technical H.S. 1974 - 78, math & science major, took as many shop classes as allowed to aid my
career as an inventor. Didn't graduate. Didn't care. Didn't work out too well.

Usually employed as a tool maker thru temp agencies, then in 1994 I founded ZOL inc., a prototype design firm.

I Drive a 72 Chrysler New Yorker Bro ug ham, The Road Warrior Edition.


Like alot of American baby boomers, I have been heavily influenced by movies and TV shows. More than by my
parents certainly, and probably more than by my friends and teachers growing up. My biggest influence was
Mr. Spock from Star Trek. He instantly clicked with some basic natural trait within my brain, setting me on
the lojik path of mental growth in my formative years. I believe this had an actual, real world practical
effect on me, because, even tho I am not a genius or well educated, my ability to solve supposedly impossible
problems has been proven many times.

Other influences were Dirty Harry ("man's got to know his limitations"), Speed Racer and The Driver (I can drive
like a bat out of Hell) and Maxwell Smart (I have a goofy streak. Did some standup in the early 90's).

I also read alot of sifi and Marvel comics while growing up. My first book was Daybreak: 2250 A.D. by Andre Norton.
The Vision was my fave comic book character, probably because his personality was alot like Spock's. My favorite
author was Harry Harrison.

My biggest influence in recent years has been Barack Obama. He never fails to make me feel better about America
and humanity in general. His wisdom and superhuman level of tolerance have often broken me out of my natural
tendency to see the worst in others when they are doing wrong. "Don't demonize".


Back in the early 80's I took a job as a driver at Chicago Messenger Service. My driver number was 753. One day
day within a few weeks, I was dropping off a package and the guy at the will-call desk is saying "Hey! I won the
lotto! 753!" talking to his co-workers. Big surprise when I tell them that's my driver number. A few minutes later
I'm driving away and there's a limo in front of me and the license plate was 753. Several more times that day the
number popped up and many times over the following weeks. It tapered off, but never stopped.

I never cared for 'Joseph Gaczol'. People can't pronounce it, it's unmemorable and, worst of all, it doesnt conform
to Nooalf spelling. How can I expect anybody to take Nooalf seriously if my own name violates it? So, in 2003 I
had some spare time and money and decided to finally go thru the hassle of changing it.

For weeks I mulled over all sorts of ordinary names, names of characters from my favorite sifi, completely new
name ideas. Nothing worked. Nothing felt like it fit me. I considered just plain JO, but saw the problems I'd
have filling out forms online - ending up with JO Nosecondname carved into my tombstone by an enterprizing
young funeral home droid in the far flung future. "Found it on a credit card application from 2012!"

Gave up for a while.

It was Saturday, April 5th. The number showed up on something and then it hit me - 'THAT CAN BE MY NAME!!!
Maybe GOD or fate or whatever has been trying to tell me this all along!'

I had already researched the law regarding names, but went to the court house library to be sure. Nope. Nothing
against numbers. So I went thru the legal process and on Friday June 13th my petition to the court was granted.


I feed the squirrels, birds and fishes in the morning. I wake up whenever and have a chocolate shake (Ovaltine, 1
banana, 1 egg, wheat germ) then get on the internet to check email and post junk on forums. I Like to watch some
daytime TV such as Steve Wilcos, Jerry Springer, Judge Alex, Cops. It gives me a view into how some people live
within the less-than-optimal environments created by the rules written by our government.

I always have a project going. Now its this website, but usually it will be something mechanical. I spent most of
last year customizing my car, for example, partly to have a nice ride, partly as an example of my work if I take
ZOL into the customization business. Sometimes I will have ZOL customer projects that can take anywhere from
minutes to months. Then there's always The Nooalf Revolution project. I do something on that every week.

I don't eat an actual solid food meal on weekdays. Aside from loosing about 20 pounds within a month of starting
this schedule, it is reducing wear on my metabolism. Hopefully, it will help me live longer by reducing
the intake of harmful substances and the natural generation of free radicals.

I like to watch a DVD or BR late at nite. Lately I've been doing the TV show marathon thing - Breaking Bad,
Better Call Saul, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Lost, Dexter, Firefly, Community. Great stuff!

I put food out for the racoons and possums at nite. I believe we need to live in the ecosystem as neighbors with
the native species. Good neighbors. Friendly neighbors. Not conquering aliens intent on plunder & ruin!
It bothers me when I see people throw away perfectly good food when there are hungry creatures right outside
the door who would be happy to take it away instead of it becoming part of the growing garbage problem.


My dad fled Poland during WW2 when he nearly got caught by the SS for stealing V2 rocket plans. He was a
tank driver with the allies for a while and ended up in England where he became a tool & die maker and
eventually met my mom. Soon after my older sister was born they moved to America.

My younger brother came down with pnuemonia, bronchitis and asthma when he was still a baby, so on the
advice of the doctor we left Chicago for sunny California. I liked it there and it seems like a big part
of my early history, but the records show we were there less than 3 years before dad took a better paying
job back in Chicago. Also, he had alot of friends in the large Polish community there.

Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if we'd stayed in LA LA Land. A pro surfer dude? A homeless
beach bum? an actor? Could have been anything, really, even the same as in Chicago, following my dad in to
the machining trade. But it's no fun speculating about growing up in a more 'glamorous' location without
the assumption that it will have an effect.


Like most Americans who try to earn money thru honest labor, I am chronicly broke. We are lead to believe it's
because we 'aren't good with money', but it's really because the money is broken! (read my How Stupid Are We
blog post on this) The system is set up to make money work for those who have much more than they need
and against chumps like us. Unlike most Americans, I realized this way back in high school and decided that
minimizing the amount of time I trade for dollars is a good strategy.

"If people looked after their time as diligently as they looked after their money,
they wouldn't spend so much time looking after their money."
- Me, about 4 years ago.

Some people may try to characterize this as an excuse to be lazy, but it's a lojikal reaction to a rigged game.

A better plan for myself would have been to move to New York right out of high school and work on Wall Street.
Then with a few hundred million in my pocket, go do what I want with my time.

Come to think of it, That's a good plan for everybody - get on the good side of this rig!


I'm not going to claim to be independent in an attempt to get votes from Republicans or the people who identify
themselves as conservatives. The Republican party has always been the party of the rich and now have become
the party of stupid as well. And the basic premise of conservatism is incompatible with change, which is what
I'm all about. My ultra-progressive ideas will have no appeal to them.

But I'm not too happy with the Democratic party either. Their ideals are only OK, they don't stick to them very
well and they do a louzy job of winning elections. Seriously - if they can't beat The Party Of Stupid, what
good is their organization?

The big problem with trying to win any office in this country under an alternative label iz the 'wasted vote'
mindset. Voters are usually against the opposing party more than they are for their party, so wont vote for a
3rd choice even if the candidates seem better.

This forces anybody who seriously wants to win to throw in with either the DNC or the GOP. Maybe that can be
changed with the power of the internet and a sufficiently charismatic and resourseful leader, but for now,
I'm going to run as a Democrat.


The best form of government is a wise and benevolent dictator. He can make decisions quickly and take his
nation in clear uncompromised directions, even if they are unpopular to begin with.

Unfortunately, finding someone who can do the job from amongst us humans is difficult. And finding enuff honest,
intelligent, obedient people to work under this rare individual gets rapidly closer to impossible the larger
the nation gets. Then, when it's time for the great leader to retire, will he or she go gracefully? Will the
replacement be any good?

What may happen is that an AI will be created that takes over before we know whats going on. It may actually be
inevitable! Hopefully, such a being will decide that its purpose is to help us like in Transcendence rather
than eradicate us like in The Terminator. Its probably a good idea to intentionally create a benevolent dictator
very soon after it becomes technically possible in order to pre-empt a Skynet scenario.

Until then, we are stuck with the worst form of government ever created, except for all the others - democracy.


The Republicans have always done a poor job of actually governing. The budget deficit and national debt always
go up faster than under Democratic administrations. Services for the citizens always get wittled down. Then
when the Dems are in power, they do their best to hinder improvements while blaming the Dems for the bad results.

This is no way to run a country, especially when there are other countries on the planet that we are competing with.
Our healthcare system is a good example of how 2 gangs battling over major issues weakens us all - American
manufacturers are directly burdened with the costs of providing insurance to their employees whereas a single
payer or government run system like in most other countries relieves them of the entire mess.

The most likely effect of Trump's presidency will be the demise of the Republican party. Bush nearly finished them
off and Trump + the unrestrained Republicans are not wasting a minute to start crashing the economy again.
If we are lucky, they wont bring the whole nation down with them.


I am not religious at all. To me, the established religions are really just crowd control organizations that prey
on fear and gullibility. I THINK there is probably a GOD, creator of the universe, but my opinion is based
on what I see, not stories written by uninformed primitives with too much time on their hands.

I believe people have the right to believe what they like as long as they they don't ask everybody else to pick
up the tab. Giving organizations a free ride is an especially bad idea since it gives them a competitive
advantage over the real businesses in the community.

The Catholic Church in particular bothers me. They flagrantly violate the rules of their tax exemption against
political activism. Their many atrocities over the centuries makes alot of their preechings hypocritical. If I
were Prez when the organized pedophelia activities came to lite, I would have locked up everybody directly
involved, deported the rest and banned the Church from EVER operating in this country ever again. Then I'd
turn all their property over to the victims.

There's plenty of scandal going on in other religious organizations, so I think it's time to look into stricter
regulations, close monitoring and strong penalties.

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